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15 Steps to Quickly Creating Your Ecommerce Website


Choose a web hosting service that meets your needs, like Shopify or Woocommerce

Do some research and see what keywords you should use  

Set up your online store on the chosen website  

Get an SSL certificate, which encrypts and protects customer information while in transit without any compromise to performance. This is important when selling personal data like email addresses or credit card information. Finally, make sure you have the right retail setup on Shopify or WooCommerce so that people can purchase directly from within their platforms.

Register the domain name for your website

Building your website is not the only cost you have to take into account. To get people to see your website you have to register a domain name, which costs around $10 per year. Usually, the domain name follows the same pattern as your retail name. For example, if your online business sells organic peanut butter, you would want a .organic domain. Some examples of good domains are: .brand or .store. When you are ready to register your domain name, you should call up your hosting company and ask for your complimentary domain name registration.

Choose a design for your site

Once you've gotten your domain and hosting account set up and are ready to upload content, you're going to need a way of promoting your site, usually one that is visually appealing. This is where designers come in. Some people use their creativity when designing the look of their websites, but it's important to understand that not all websites are created equal. If you need help, it's best to hire an experienced designer. The best digital product buying and selling website in Bangladesh

Hire a web developer 

See if you can use a template or if you need a custom design 

Use Flash to create cool effects on the website 

Work with companies who specialize in creating shopping carts and e-commerce websites 

Discuss payment processing fees and features. This includes the type of credit card acceptance, security protocols, and dispute resolution policies that the service offers. Also, discuss how long will it take for them to approve your site for use. You should make sure that everything is taken care of before you go live with your site.

Purchase a hosting web package and set up the web server

The people you hire will install your web package (commonly known as a web server). Once the web hosting service set-up is complete, you can begin uploading content.

You should get at least one GB of space to work with. The website hosting packages contain the tools, programs, and software necessary to create your eCommerce website and fulfill online orders.

Choose a shopping cart program

There are two main types of eCommerce platforms; those that are open source and those that are proprietary. The open-source options tend to be free and feature sufficient capabilities, but they also have fewer features. The proprietary platforms tend to be more expensive, but they often have more features as well as better customer service. If you're looking for an eCommerce platform, you may want to ask your developer if he or she has any recommendations or if they can help you choose an open-source shop or proprietary e-commerce provider based on your needs.

Choose an eCommerce platform 

Identify and choose an eCommerce platform that supports your business objectives. Make sure the platform you choose can be integrated with a shopping cart system, payment gateway, and your site hosting package. If possible, use a proprietary e-commerce platform like Shopify or Woocommerce. Shopify is a platform that allows you to create an online store right out of the box, or you can add additional features to customize it for your e-commerce business. If you prefer a completely free solution, consider using OpenCart or Magento. - The Best Digital Product Buying and Selling Website in Bangladesh. With the rising demand for digital products across Bangladesh, as the best digital product buying and selling website in Bangladesh, we serve the best.

Put together a website design

Once you have chosen your eCommerce platform and shopping cart, you can begin designing your site by adding content such as images, product descriptions, and customer reviews. You should have a professional design firm do this because they are familiar with the features of most eCommerce platforms and are trained in creating sites that look good on a multitude of devices and browsers. Some people even hire their own graphic artists to create customized images for their retail websites.

Set up your eCommerce payment processing and shipping programs

When you are ready to start selling products, you will need to set up two important programs. The first is a payment processor. This program enables your customers to pay online and have their money transferred directly into your account. The second is an e-mail shipping program. This is used to send out shipping confirmations and track orders that have already been made.

Get an SSL certificate 

Every eCommerce website needs a secure connection from the customer's web browser in order to make transactions with the site's owner. You can do this by purchasing an SSL certificate for your site. This type of encryption is essential for protecting your customer's information as it passes through the Internet, which is why it's important to use one with shopping cart systems that provide e-commerce functionality.

Make sure search engines like Google will find your online store

One thing you have to remember is that if you don't have a solid SEO strategy in place, it will be extremely difficult to get customers from search results. When people are looking for products like peanut butter or bicycle helmets, they will likely find your website if you have good keywords and descriptions in the meta tags of the domain name and content. The keywords and descriptions will provide users with a good understanding of what your product or service is about.

Create a seller account for your internet store

If you're selling products online, you will have to have an account with an online shopping cart system or the user-friendly eCommerce website of your choice. The appropriate system should allow you to set up multiple stores easily and integrate them into one overall eCommerce store, which allows you to track inventory, receive orders, and fulfill them.

Set up a customer support program 

If you are offering products that are in high demand, it's important that you provide excellent customer service as it can increase the likelihood that customers will become repeat buyers. Your merchant website should be able to accept customer requests and complaints, and you should respond to them as quickly as possible.

Create a sales strategy 

No matter how much time and money you invest in building an e-commerce website, if you don't have a solid sales strategy in place, your efforts may be wasted. This is important because it will help your website get noticed by potential customers. You should try to create search-engine-optimized content that is compelling and engaging to the average consumer. It is also important that you create a social media strategy so your brand can interact with current and potential customers through Facebook, Twitter, or other popular sites.

It is critical that you set up a payment processing program 

If you're selling products online, as most eCommerce websites are, your customers have to be able to pay for their items immediately and easily. Your payment processing program should be secure and easy to use, provide accurate reports and have a great customer service team who can assist with any questions or problems. Paypal is usually the best option because it offers many of the features that the more expensive online services offer but at a significantly lower price.

Plan your marketing campaign online 

One of the best ways to attract new customers and keep existing ones is through a solid online marketing strategy. You should post coupons, participate in social media, promote your website on websites that are relevant to your niche, and provide excellent customer service.

Set up an account with Google Shopping for product promotion and reviews 

If you have a product that is good, chances are it will sell itself without the need for any additional advertising. However, if you want to make sure there is enough of an audience in place before you start selling your wares, there's no better way than using Google Shopping. This program will show your products to prospective customers just as if they were conducting a Google search.

Make sure you have a good strategy for tracking your sales and profits

This is the last thing, but it is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce. You can have an amazing website that does well-getting visitors and customers, but you need to be able to track sales and profits in order to know how much money you are making. This information can help you make adjustments in your business plan to help maximize profitability.