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The Importance of eCommerce—15 benefits


In today’s world, the internet is a powerful tool for the connection between people and businesses. The best digital product buying and selling website in Bangladesh

E-commerce or ‘electronic commerce has been around for decades but it is only in recent years that there has been a major shift in the way companies conduct business. Nowadays almost all major companies feature an online store on their website where customers can purchase physical goods or digital downloads from the comfort of their homes.

The importance of e-commerce for businesses is undeniable. And - The Best Digital Product Buying and Selling Website in Bangladesh

With the rising demand for digital products across Bangladesh, as the best digital product buying and selling website in Bangladesh, we serve the best. Currently, around half of the world’s population is connected to the internet and this number is rapidly increasing with new technology advancements.

eCommerce Helps You Reduce Your Costs

The major benefit of e-commerce for businesses is the ability to save costs. With global marketing now possible, you can sell your products directly to your customers without having to use any middleman. Online shopping is convenient and fast as people are able to view your products and make purchases all in one place. Furthermore, you have no need to pay for physical retail spaces where you will have to increase rent, utilities, and staff. Paying commissions on each sale is also eliminated which can save you a lot of money. Even shipping costs for e-commerce businesses are lower as your products can be delivered directly to the customer from a warehouse or distribution center.

eCommerce Helps You Reach The World

The internet has created a global marketplace which means your business can reach customers from all over the world. You no longer have to focus on areas near you to reach potential customers. With e-commerce, all people in the world can be your customer, no matter where they are located. Increased demand for certain products generally means higher profits for companies who manufacture those items. Global access is therefore extremely beneficial as you will now be able to sell more items to more people, who in turn will then pay more for your product or service.

eCommerce Helps You Create A Brand Identity

One of the main benefits of e-commerce for companies is the ability to create a brand identity. Just like how a business card is used to build and promote your brand, your new website allows you to display your company’s logo, products, and services. With this, you will be able to show customers that you are an authority and that they should continue doing business with you. Your online presence will also allow for higher visibility in search engines which means more people will find out about your company.

eCommerce Helps You Increase Your Revenues

With global e-commerce retailers can increase their revenues (by up to 20% according to some studies). By reaching more customers around the world, you will be able to increase your business. You no longer have to be a local company as you can now sell your products worldwide. For example, if you are selling jewelry and are located in Australia, you can expand your market and sell to people in America or any other country. The internet has dramatically reduced the costs of conducting business which has led to a rise in competition which is great for businesses.

eCommerce Encourages Innovation

The internet has become a hub of innovation with thousands of startups appearing online every day and even established companies using online sales channels for new ideas. The ability to connect with customers over the internet has enabled businesses to get feedback from them at a more rapid rate. In addition, you can now learn from their experiences and improve your products.

eCommerce Helps You Be More Competitive

Many new companies have emerged online because of the global reach that e-commerce provides. The rise in competition is great for businesses as it will force them to innovate or go out of business. Some new companies are failing because they are not competitive with others using the internet to sell their products. With global e-commerce, it is easy for customers to compare different companies and determine which one offers the best deal and quality product or service.

eCommerce Increases Your Customer Engagement

E-commerce has made it easier for companies and customers to engage in business. Customers can now complete purchases with the click of a mouse 24 hours a day. This means that businesses no longer have to deal with customers by phone or via regular mail. With e-commerce, customers are able to place their orders from the comfort of their homes and then sit back and relax until their items are delivered to them.

eCommerce Helps You Build Customer Relationships

Customers can also build relationships with your company online by posting feedback on your website which can be seen by other potential customers. This encourages repeat customers and shows that you care about people’s satisfaction.

eCommerce Helps You Reduce Costs & Increase Profits

Internet sales have dramatically reduced the costs for companies who choose to use it for their business. For example, global competitors can easily access customers around the world whilst local competitors are limited to a regional market. The all-powerful search engine, Google, also allows you to refine your website links which means more traffic means more sales. This is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

eCommerce Helps You Increase Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of using e-commerce is greater productivity. With e-commerce, the company can now supply the products or services directly to their customers without having to handle any customer service issues which means your staff can focus on other tasks. This application is particularly useful for businesses with a large global market as they will be able to serve more customers as opposed to local businesses.

eCommerce Increases Efficiency In Your Business Processes

By selling online, you are no longer limited by physical stock and distribution processes. Now, you can sell ship goods directly from a warehouse in another country all while retaining complete control over your business operations. This means that you can now personally deal with customers, manage your finances and even run your business from any part of the world.

eCommerce Helps You Access A World Of Data

Many entrepreneurs are using the internet to conduct market research and gather valuable data about their target consumers. Accessing volumes of data is extremely beneficial as it allows companies to act decisively and identify opportunities in their industry. The internet has significantly reduced the costs of conducting market research which means more companies can now use it as opposed to traditional methods such as surveys or focus groups.

Such information is vital to allow a company to expand its operations and understand the buying habits of its customers.

eCommerce Increases Your Product Reach

Many companies are now using the internet to sell their products or services. This is because global e-commerce has led to a rise in competition which is great for businesses as they will have to innovate. E-commerce gives business owners an opportunity to gain more customers, profits, and revenues. For example, many people today purchase books online whereas 20 years ago, the only way for them to obtain them was through a bookstore.

The Customer Has All The Power In eCommerce

With e-commerce you no longer need middlemen such as wholesalers or agents to get your products or services sold as this can now be done directly from your website. This has led to the rise of direct-to-consumer sales which gives the power to customers. For example, many hotels have now adopted a direct-booking system where they allow customers to search for and book their hotel rooms on their own websites. This has led to price wars between hotels in popular tourist destinations as they try and compete with each other in order to attract more customers.

The eCommerce market is growing rapidly with US$1,038 billion worth of goods sold online in 2013 and predicted US$1,213 billion in 2014, representing a 9% increase from 2013 according to online retail expert Jumio.

eCommerce allows us to make informed decisions with ease, as well as comfortably purchase products we previously may have struggled doing so for. The market is growing exponentially with no sign of slowing down, allowing eCommerce to become a primary way to purchase and consume goods and services.

The growth of mobile Internet usage and the popularity of mobile commerce is driving the adoption of online shopping.