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What is Admin Deal?


What is “Admin Deal”? Admin_Deal is an online platform for managers and entrepreneurs to find, organize, and share business opportunities. The best digital product buying and selling website in Bangladesh. Think of it as a free business-oriented version of Reddit — made for the people who have been involved in the sales side of life. It’s a network that allows users to seek out deals or promote them to others in a way that's more conducive to on-demand engagement from managers than traditional one-to-one email exchanges or other flat networks like LinkedIn.


While there are plenty of applications that exist today offering services such as this, they're typically too focused on general interests at the expense of sales opportunities. Our mission was to create a service that would foster the development and sharing of specific sales-related content while putting the user in control of how they want to engage, organize and find deals that suit their purposes.

How to help you Admin Deal? - The Best Digital Product Buying and Selling Website in Bangladesh. With the rising demand for digital products across Bangladesh, as the best digital product buying and selling website in Bangladesh, we serve the best.

We've partnered with some of the top content marketing executives in the business to curate this list of resources for people starting out in sales, whether as a manager or an entrepreneur. We organized this list by matching the client's needs with relevant information — and because many of our users are managers, we tried to focus on actions and pieces of content that relate to the role they play, while also giving them the option to browse more general topics too.

We recommend you click through each article and use it as a complementary reading resource — or one you can reference when you're looking to get back into your sales game after a time away.

In short, we've created this list to aid the nascent salesperson, but also the person who's new to the sales field. We've included keeping your eyes on trends and recent developments (i.e. advanced social selling), as well as information and tips on how to excel at what you're doing.

What are some highlights?

We know that content marketing is a hot topic for entrepreneurs, whether new or veterans in business — which is why we brought in some of the best minds in this space (both on-the-ground vendors and industry experts) to read over our list and provide suggestions for how to improve it.

Whose for Admin Deal?

We have some of the top names in the business along with their endorsements — work we've worked with and you can read below.

A few of our clients include:

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Admin Deal policy

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What Makes Admin Deal Unique?

Admin Deal's founders come from different backgrounds: one is a former sales manager; another is a recent college graduate with substantial technical expertise. We're aware that many potential users have questions about how it will work, who will be able to use it, and what kind of content can be shared on it.


So to address some of these questions as well as to give prospective users a better idea of what Admin Deal is all about, we had a chance to pose a few questions to the company’s founder and CEO, Brady Murphy.

How did you come up with the idea?


I’ve always been fascinated by sales culture and have closely studied it through multiple management positions I’ve held over the years. I’ve seen companies and sales teams succeed and fail, and I wanted to create a tool that would allow people with an interest in sales to better connect with each other.


I contacted some friends who have been involved in sales for over 20 years and explained my idea. They were excited about it and helped me think of ways it could be made better. Once we collectively decided on the basic features we wanted, we built out a prototype within a few hours using the Django web framework. The original concept was simple: people would be able to create topics (known as “deals”) based on their region of interest and then add content such as images, documents, or even links to their Google Drive account. The content could be annotated in a number of ways and users would be able to categorize the deals or mark them as “Do not close.” The salespeople could then see these topics and comment on them. The service would also allow users to promote deals and reach out to people they were interested in working with.


What did you find most valuable about the process of building it? Was there anything particularly challenging about it?


The most valuable part for me personally was getting feedback from managers who are experts in their industry and have meaningful expertise that we can all learn from. What was most challenging was building the application's robust user experience while still keeping the code base small enough to make it faster to build out.

How did you find the tech community? What was your process for finding them?


At first, I reached out to a few friends and colleagues who I knew worked in sales and shared my idea with them. Once we came together on what problems we wanted to solve, I reached out to other techies and developers that I knew in the area. They helped me get started by giving advice on best practices and helped add some additional features like sending an email when there is a new comment.

How did you choose the name?


We chose “Admin Deal” primarily because it was easier to remember than our initial idea of “DealCentral.” We wanted to keep it simple and more casual because we knew that many people in the field already had a negative view of sales teams. We also liked that it wasn’t something frequently used as a name for websites or products.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?


The greatest challenge for us was finding a way to scale Admin Deal without compromising the quality of our product and without taking away from the manicured, organized feel that we have created. We have found ways to limit the number of users signing up to the platform, which allows us to maintain strict requirements for joining. This has made us a much more engaged community with all members contributing towards building and sharing deals. We’ve also found that the product is much more sustainable when we limit the amount of information each user can see in one place.

What's your future goal? Where do you see Admin Deal in five years?


We have big plans for the future of Admin Deal and are already working towards new features. Our goal is to create a platform that can be used by anyone providing access to an industry’s best deals and resources — including full-time sales professionals, freelancers, and people looking to get into sales. We will continue to work as a team to build out Admin Deal and we are constantly looking for people who can help us and bring innovative ideas to the table. 

What's your advice to others looking to build a startup?


I would tell others who are interested in building a startup to know who their users are and make sure that their users are happy. If you want people to use your product, it must be easy for them to use and it has to solve a problem for them. In addition, the team needs to be able to work together. Building a startup takes hard work, so you should be sure that the people on your team enjoy working with each other. If you don’t enjoy working with each other and aren’t able to get along, then odds are good that the startup won’t last long enough.


What's your favorite part about being an entrepreneur? Least favorite?


My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is knowing that I am able to create a product or service that can help others. I like knowing that it will be continuously improving without me having to worry about other people making the changes. My least favorite part is having to spend so much time away from friends and family. It can be difficult to find time alone when you're always surrounded by other people, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make so that I can achieve my goal of helping others.