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Microwave Oven

৳25,800 ৳14,800  -43%
(1), Sold: 2
(1), Sold: 2

Sharp Microwave Oven R-72A1(SM)V/R-72EO(S) (Grill)

Cashback : 1
৳25,400 ৳16,400  -35%
(1), Sold: 3
(1), Sold: 3

Sharp Microwave Oven R 84AO ST V

Cashback : 1
৳25,000 ৳14,000  -44%
(1), Sold: 2
(1), Sold: 2

Whirlpool Magicook Pro 23C Flora Convection Microwave Oven

Cashback : 1
৳28,800 ৳18,800  -35%
(1), Sold: 2
(1), Sold: 2

Whirlpool Jet Crisp GT 288BL Convection Microwave Oven

Cashback : 1
৳20,200 ৳14,200  -30%
(1), Sold: 2
(1), Sold: 2

Conion Microwave Oven BE – 309ZW (30L Convection)

Cashback : 1
৳18,300 ৳12,300  -33%
(1), Sold: 2
(1), Sold: 2

Conion Microwave Oven BE – 309N9 (30L Grill)

Cashback : 1
৳23,900 ৳22,650  -5%
(0), Sold: 1
(0), Sold: 1

Samsung Convection Micro Wave Oven with SlimFry™ 28L | MC28H5025VS/D2

Cashback : 0
৳15,900 ৳14,650  -8%
(0), Sold: 1
(0), Sold: 1

Samsung Convection MWO with Ceramic Enamel Cavity 21L | CE76JD-M/D2

Cashback : 0
৳34,950  -0%
(1), Sold: 2
(1), Sold: 2

Panasonic Convection Flatbed Microwave Oven - NN-CF770M

Cashback : 0
৳26,050 ৳24,900  -4%
(1), Sold: 2
(1), Sold: 2

Panasonic Double Heater Inverter Grill Microwave Oven (NN-DF383B)

Cashback : 0
৳20,500  -0%
(1), Sold: 2
(1), Sold: 2


Cashback : 20500
৳15,500  -0%
(0), Sold: 1
(0), Sold: 1

Sharp R-72EO (S) Microwave Oven with Grill Function.

Cashback : 15500
৳16,650  -0%
(0), Sold: 1
(0), Sold: 1

Sharp Microwave Oven with Grill Function, R-75MT

Cashback : 16650
৳50,000  -0%
(0), Sold: 1
(0), Sold: 1

LG Microwave Oven (MJ3965ACS) Hot, Grill & Convection- 39L

Cashback : 50000

Microwave ovens are widely used in the modern kitchen. A microwave is a convenient kitchen appliance that saves time, energy, and money. All these are essential ingredients for cooking. Let’s explore more about Singer Microwave oven price in Bangladesh.

It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, fast food chains, and even homes for cooking. Microwaves cook food quickly and are perfect for busy people who can't stand wasting time by standing over the stove and are always running short on time. Microwaves make cooking easy and convenient and are extremely helpful for cooking all types of meals in any part of the country without wasting too much time.

But do you know the price of a microwave oven? How much do you pay for this fantastic kitchen appliance? How much does it cost to buy one? Do you know the price of a microwave oven?

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What Exactly Is a Microwave Oven?

Let's discuss the microwave oven for a minute, and it will clear all your doubts about the microwave oven. A microwave oven is one of the most common kitchen appliances used by most families. They are also known as "microwaves." A microwave oven is used for cooking food that requires quick cooking, like pizza, rice, cakes, burgers, etc.

What Are the Different Kinds of Microwave Ovens?

The countertop, side-by-side, and convection microwaves are the most commonly used microwave ovens. Let's discuss them one by one.

• Countertop microwave oven:
A countertop microwave oven is a small device placed anywhere in the kitchen. There is no need to set the microwave directly on the table. You can put it anywhere in the kitchen.

• Side-by-side microwave oven
These microwaves are more popular than the other types as they are the most popular kitchen appliance.

• Convection microwave oven:
This microwave is the most expensive one compared to the other two types of microwave ovens. The most common ones are induction convection microwaves and convection microwaves.

Singer microwave oven price in Bangladesh:

Those looking for a microwave oven can find them in various sizes and prices, depending on their needs.

1. SINGER Microwave Oven | 23 Ltr | SMW23MSO: 10,490.00
Capacity: 23 Liter
Type: Solo Oven
Input Power: 900W Microwave Power
Door Type: Pull Door Design
Special Features:
Easy Control Panel Design
0-30 Minutes Time Setting Options
Big Turntable Design
Net Weight 13kg (Approx.)
Built-In Recipes
Quick Defrost

2. SINGER Microwave Oven | 30 Ltr | SMW30GC2N: 21,490.00

3. SINGER Microwave Oven | 25 Ltr | SMW25EMSO: 12,490.00
• 25L Oven with Digital Control Panel
• Weight Defrost
• Time Defrost
• Express Cooking
• Auto Menu
• Kitchen Timer

Let's start the discussion:
What is the best Singer microwave oven?

There are two types of Singer microwave ovens: one is the convection microwave, and the other is the countertop microwave. Both are best sellers in Bangladesh.

A countertop microwave is the size of your counter. It is a good choice if you want to cook small amounts of food.

A Singer microwave oven is a handy machine because it will allow you to enjoy cooking in your busy life.

Features of the Best-Selling Singer Microwave Oven:
The best-selling Singer microwave oven has many unique features. If you check the below features of Singer microwave ovens, you will understand Singer microwave oven price in Bangladesh and the meaning of the term "best seller" for a Singer microwave oven.

• Microwave Capacity
You can cook more food with a larger capacity.

• Automatic shut-off
It is one of the essential features of a Singer microwave oven. The automatic shut-off will ensure that you won't overcook your food.

• Large Capacity
One of the best-selling Singer microwave ovens has a capacity of 3 to 5 liters. If you have a large family, you can get one with a total of 6 to 10 liters.

• Slow Cooker
Singer microwave ovens also allow you to simmer dishes without burning the food.

• Programmable
The Singer microwave oven can be programmed with the desired timing.

What Features Should I Look for in a Microwave Oven?

Let's talk about the specifications and features of the microwave oven that you should check Singer microwave oven price in Bangladesh before buying one.

• Frequency:
It is the frequency at which the microwave works - the higher the frequency, the better the cooking quality. You should always buy a high-quality microwave oven if you have used it for a long time.

• Input:
Input is the wattage that the microwave oven can produce. Always choose a high-quality microwave oven with a high wattage.

• Output:
Output is the wattage that the microwave produces after cooking. As a result, you should always look for a high-quality microwave oven with a high wattage.

• Durability:
Durability is the quality of the product. You should always buy a durable microwave oven, as it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

• Capacity:
It denotes how much capacity the microwave oven has.

How to Find the Most Affordable Singer Microwave Oven in Bangladesh:

It is said that there is no "best" microwave oven. When buying the best Singer microwave oven, you should consider various factors. If you are new to the microwave, you may face many problems, which is why I am trying to share the best-selling Samsung microwave oven price in Bangladesh.

Final Word:
After knowing the above information about the best-selling Singer microwave oven, if you are planning to buy a Singer microwave oven, you must compare Singer microwave oven price in Bangladesh, the different sizes and check the features of each.