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Pump & Filters

As a fish tank owner, it is your instinct to keep your aquarium clean. But this doesn't mean you can throw any filter into your aquarium, as not all filters can be used to keep fish in the aquarium. Some of the filter types are expensive, and others are very cheap.

Let's discuss the different types of filters to know the real benefit of the aquarium filtration system:

• Bubble or Submersible Filter
This type of filter works by providing oxygen to the fish, but the main problem is that this type of filter can only work for a limited period as it will consume too much electricity. You must put in some power supplies to make this filter work longer.

• Surface/Air pump
It is a built-in, automatic air pump. It is best to keep the aquarium environment clean and fresh if your aquarium is large. But if you don't have a large aquarium, then it is not recommended.

• Underwater pump
It is a very effective and reliable option. You can easily fit it into your aquarium, which is a good idea if you have a small aquarium. But when you buy this filter, you must check the power supply first, as it will consume much more electricity.

• Sand filter
This filter is mighty. Sand filters will provide the best results as they catch and hold small particles, algae, waste products, debris, etc. But this filter needs more maintenance.

• Substrate or bio-filter
It is also a mighty filter. This filter is made from a medium made of activated carbon. It is a natural filter that will absorb nitrogen and phosphorous.

5 Tips to Find a Good Fish Tank Filter

A good fish tank will be an essential part of your aquarium. So, if you buy a lousy-quality filter, your fish tank will be full of waste, bacteria, and dirt. If you use a poor-quality filter, you will have many problems in your fish tank.

If you have never kept fish or your knowledge of fishkeeping is still limited, these five tips will help you find a good fish tank filter.

1. Choose a filter that is easy to use.
It is difficult for a new person to manage a too-complicated filter. So, you need to choose a user-friendly filter. If you have no experience, buying a primary filter on the market will be better.

2. Choose a cheap filter.
When you shop for a fish tank, you will usually be presented with a wide range of filters. You will find different filters that will cost you almost equally. So, if you need to save money, you should opt for a cheaper filter.

3. Choose a filter that is small in size.
When you look at the size of a filter, it indicates the amount of water that passes through it. When a filter is too big, it will take longer to get the water through it. You don't want to keep your fish in a tank where the water is taken up so fast that you have to change the water regularly.

4. Choose a filter that can be cleaned easily.
Once you clean a filter, you will see that it is challenging to maintain. So, you need to invest in a filter that can be cleaned easily. Cleaning your filter is not difficult, but it will save you a lot of time and effort if you keep a filter that can be cleaned easily.

5. Choose a recommended filter.
Always choose a recommended filter for the type of aquarium you have. It will give your fish a clean and healthy place to live.

So, these were my five tips for finding a good fish tank filter. And it will be a lot of fun if you have a good-quality filter in your fish tank.

Aquarium filter price in Bangladesh: At A Glance

1. Aquarium Internal Filter Sobo WP-1200F 450.00
2. Porpoise Biostream Filter: 520.00
3. Porpoise HTSY-05 Internal Filter-450l/h: 350.00
4. Porpoise HTSY-10 Internal Filter-800l/h: 500.00
5. Porpoise HTSY-15 Internal Filter-1000l/h: 600.00

The Best Aquarium Filter for Beginners

The aquarium is one of the most popular and best hobbies nowadays. People around the globe are purchasing aquariums and enjoying their beautiful aquarium fish. The aquarium is a source of relaxation for a person, providing peace and serenity.

Today, we share a few tips for beginners to generate ideas for aquarium filter price in Bangladesh to maintain and clean the aquarium.

Selecting Aquarium Filters
We must know that aquarium filters are the essential components of an aquarium, so choose the best one. Choose the ones that suit the environment and size of your aquarium. Here are some types of aquarium filters:

Gravity filters
It is an aquarium filter that works based on the principle of gravity. It needs significantly less maintenance and will be suitable for small aquariums. You can buy a filter of any size based on the volume of the aquarium.

Ceramic aquarium filter
A ceramic aquarium filter is best if you purchase a large aquarium. Ceramic aquarium filters are more durable, have a wide range of aquariums, and have a perfect filtration system.

Bag filters
It is a trendy choice for people who have a large aquarium. Bag filters come in various sizes and handle different water volumes.

Air pump
The air pumps are primarily used in the smaller tanks. The air pump has a sound filtration system and can provide the best water quality.

How to choose the best aquarium filter for you

It is the dream of every person to own a home aquarium with colorful fish. We feel happy when we see our fish playing around in our aquarium. But to make this dream come true, you must ensure your aquarium filters are working right.

We know how hard it is to keep the aquarium and fish safe. Therefore, we provide information about aquarium filter price in Bangladesh for choosing the best aquarium filter.

Types of Aquarium Filters

There are three types of aquarium filters available on the market. The first one is the filter with a sponge. It is generally installed in the back. When you start to feed the filter, it starts filtering the water, and clean water comes into the tank.

The second one is a cartridge filter. It has an attachment for filtering the water and a power supply that can be connected to the aquarium by screws. It is a cheap product, but its life is short because of its power.

The third one is a canister filter. It has a large capacity and an air intake. The advantage of it is that it takes more time to filter the water. So, it is recommended for beginners.

Which Aquarium Filetr is the best?

The best choice for an aquarium is the canister filter. It is the clearest filter for your fish, and you can change it whenever you want. This type of filter is cheaper than the others.

You can buy this filter from any reputed dealer. If you want, you can take the help of the aquarium experts. They will guide you and recommend the best filters according to your budget and the exact aquarium filter price in Bangladesh.

Final Word:
Choosing the best aquarium is not that easy. If you want, you can get the idea about aquarium filter price in Bangladesh with the help of a professional. Experts will guide you and help you to choose the best aquarium for your fish. As we have discussed above, you must find your fish tank's correct aquarium filtration system.